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Arthroscopic Surgery – Simple Facts about Arthroscopic Surgery Explained

Arthroscopic surgery in the foot and ankle is generally requested for individuals who have joint issues such as pain, swelling or instability. If you’ve got an injury, it is one of the possibilities readily available to you. The doctors at Inmotion will look at your injury and evaluate you, you may be a  candidate for arthroscopic surgery.

What is Arthroscopic Surgery?

Arthroscopic surgery on the foot and ankle can be utilized as a diagnostic or therapy procedure, or both. A small instrument, called an arthroscope, penetrates the skin by means of very small incision . This is typically outpatient surgery, go in the morning, go home several hours later.ts sncisions.

At the same time, other instruments can be inserted via the arthroscope to assist in many surgical corrections. Tiny cameras are usually inserted through the arthroscope. This allows surgeons to accurately view the damaged area. Overall, arthroscopic surgery is far less invasive that other foot surgeries, and the recovery times is much faster.

Do You Need Arthroscopic Surgery

It consistently makes sense to weigh the advantages of having surgery against any possible risks. If you do have surgery, you run a small risk of getting an infection. However, these side effects are kept to a minimum by following your podiatrist’s instructions.

Typical reasons for arthroscopic surgery
Chronic pain unresponsive to conservative methods of treatment.
If you chipped or broke a piece of cartilage loose,
if you tore the ligaments on the sides of the ankle,
if you broke one of your bones the arthroscopic technique allows for more precise repair of the fracture.  
If you have severe arthritis of the ankle and for some reason you are not a candidate for ankle  joint replacement, then we can fuse or sometimes grow new cartilage in your ankle with arthroscopic technique.

Typical types of arthroscopic repair
Clear any scar type tissue from the joint (synovectomy),
repair cartilage tears and defects, filling those defects with the latest grafts to regrow cartilage.
Repair the ligaments on sides of ankle.

.Regardless of the type of surgery your choose, you should ask the doctors at inMotion Foot & Ankle, what the advantages, and disadvantages may be

Rehabilitation after Arthroscopic Surgery

• Physical Therapy – Physical therapy focuses on foot exercises, which will improve your range of motion in the joint or other affected area, and relieve foot pain.
• Ice – Ice can reduce bruising and swelling by narrowing your blood vessels.
• Discuss with InMotion Foot and Ankle Specialists if arthroscopic surgery is suitable for you.