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Topaz Treatment – Radio Frequency coblation for tendon and fascial injuries.

Topaz treatment is sometimes the best method to help correct a foot injury.

Your foot consists of 26 tiny, but strong bones. They must be durable enough to help you move around each day. The more weight a person has, the more stress and pressure is put on them. In addition, our foot bones have to endure foot injuries caused from sports, accidents when something gets dropped on them, or when they crash against an object, or develop diseases.

Because our feet are vital for movement, even the slightest injury can cause crippling pain and loss of motion.

Topaz Treatment aka Radio frequency coblation

Topaz treatment is a fast and uncomplicated, minimally invasive medical procedure that is used to ligament and tendon irregularities. It is also used to help reduce or eliminate chronic foot and ankle pain.

Most Topaz treatments are done on cases of plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of the connective tissue (plantar fascia) on the bottom of your feet.

The surgeon will map out an area on the bottom of your feet where the Topaz treatment will be performed. A marker is used to mark dots about five millimeters apart. This is done in rows across the affected area.

Intravenous medication is then used as a local anesthetic to block the pain during the short surgery. The procedure starts with a small incision is made at each of the marked areas. This is followed by the Topaz probe, which penetrates deeper into the plantar fascia through the same spots. This creates a low temperature plasma field, that allows the tissue to release growth factors into the surrounding tissue. Reducing the pressure that has built up in the plantar fascia, and reduces the pain afterwards. This technique also accelerates healing of the tissue, since your own growth factors are now concentrated in and around the injured tissue.

The patient can usually return to some activities in only two or three days after this surgery. The amount of pain is reduced greatly about one week after the surgery and it takes between eight to twelve weeks to heal.

There have been millions of Topaz treatments performed in the past, and the success rate is very high.

There is no reason that you need to suffer from most foot pain. If you have tried a treatment that didn’t work, you should get another opinion from a surgical sports podiatrist, so you know what your options are. Topaz treatment is known around the world by physicians to quickly alleviate foot pain, and get people back on their feet more quickly.

Get your full life back by having healthy feet again. Have a chat with your podiatrists at InMotion Foot and Ankle Specialists to find out more about Topaz treatment and other foot health care.