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SpiralUP talo-tarsal Implant - What are the Advantages of talo-tarsal stabilization for painful flatfoot conditions.

Dr. Werber created and patented an implant to stabilize your ankle and foot, this implant is helping people walk with less pain, and allowing them to continue normal activities in their lives.

Most patients will try many options of foot treatment before they opt for a surgery. However, your podiatrist might suggest that you undergo a surgery to help reduce your chronic pain, and correct any deformities that you might have. The situation can even be more urgent for children, who need corrective surgery.

Stabilization implant surgery has become popular with surgeons around the world. Also known as talotarsal stabilization surgery, it involves inserting a cylindrical implant under your inside ankle bone called the talus, this raises the talus to raise your arch. It strengthens the arch by preventing pronation and stopping the talus (inside ankle bone) from shifting forward and down. Over time, your body tissue will grow over the implant, which reinforces it and helps it stay in place.

What Benefits Does talo tarsal stabilization Implant Provide?

Done Quickly –  implant surgery is done on an outpatient basis. You only require a few stitches, and you are normally allowed to go home.

Corrects Your Gait – Flat feet and the pain that comes with it can often cause people to change the way they walk to stop the pain. The implant correct your gait, and can have you walking normal again.

No Drilling in Your Bone – It’s not necessary to remove any parts of your bone, and the surgeon doesn’t need to drill extra holes in your bone. 

Less Pain – The amount of pain can be reduced quickly after Spiralup implant surgery. 

Reduces Infection – Because it only involves inserting a device, requires only a few stitches, and is done fairly quickly, it helps reduces risk of infection.

It’s Reversible – Unlike surgeries that require screws and bone drilling,  implants are possible to be removed in the future, but unlike previous manmade metal and plastic devices this is made from acellular human tissue that is specially prepared.

Faster Recovery Time – Recovery time is usually very quick. Your doctor will usually have you walking in a protective type cast the same day. It normally takes about a month before you can resume your normal daily activities.

It’s obvious that Subtalar artheroresis implants are a safe alternative to other implant surgeries. Ask your podiatrist at InMotion Foot and Ankle Specialists about it today. You can also discuss other options with your podiatrist. Never limit your options.